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Every day begins with an act of courage and hope

We provide a safe, non-judgmental space where people with mental health challenges can build relationships, foster a sense of belonging, and focus more on personal strengths than illness.

We are a welcoming place


Members have a stake in their own recovery as well as the success of the organization. Through education and ongoing vocational experience, members develop confidence and valuable social skills. With a loving community as their foundation, members are positioned to achieve their goals.






A Journey To Recovery

Adult mental health issues can seemingly come out of nowhere leaving a person feeling terrified, alone and hopeless. People who have dealt with severe mental illness their whole lives, feel no less lonely and despondent. As they fight the valiant fight to manage their mental health society can deny much-needed additional support.  They can find themselves shunned and/or discriminated against because they present themselves differently or don’t “fit in” to the narrow definitions of what is deemed acceptable – further deepening their feelings of isolation.

Those who live with mental illness are human, each with unique value and qualities to contribute - humor, creativity, innovation, kindness and empathy. Imagine a place where adults with severe mental health issues are welcome – just as they are, with no stigma. Imagine a place, virtual and physical, of warmth, caring, love and laughter where those who are dealing with mental illness know they’re valued. Imagine a community that provides purpose, accountability and hope.

That place of safety, purpose and acceptance exists. At Mental Health Connections, adults living with mental illness find a structured, proven approach to achieving their potential. They can access the resources necessary to map their own way out of that dark, lonely place back to work or school or wherever their path to wellness takes them.

Mental Health Connections. Changing lives – working together on the journey from isolation to integration.