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Formerly known as STAR, Connections Transit Support is a program that was developed to help get members of both Connections House and Peer Connections to the facilities by providing transportation support to members.

Connections Transit Support is Mental Health Connections' internal shuttle service that helps solve the problem of getting our members to where they need to be.

Getting you to where you need to be


(925) 305 - 7735

Members have the privilege of scheduling two rides per month & must schedule one week in advance

To schedule a ride or need support with transportation please call:

One of the largest circumstances we have faced in the years past was increasing the physical presence of our members at our facilities.

We understand that many don't have access to public transportation.

Though the want and need to be present at Connections House and Peer Connections is there, it's difficult to fulfill those wants and needs if we cannot help support our members in attending.

Physical presence